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Nigel Gibbons

Nigel Gibbons: Top 20 Cybersecurity Experts

Written by Agnes Banks
Published: Wednesday, 03 January 2018 13:20

Nigel Gibbons: Passionate about cyber security and privacy in digital life he is an highly motivated professional strategic thinker, comfortable working at both executive and operational levels nationally and internationally. 



I offer a unique broad spectrum of business and technology experience with an in-depth knowledge of the commercial, financial and operational aspects of management, while operating at board level in private and enterprise class organisations.

I am recognised as a leader, able to motivate and direct operations, services and marketing in direct and indirect channel models. I have excellent client facing and presentation skills developed from working on diverse “blue chip” account management and business development and project deliverables.

Dynamic and ambitious with a proven track record in managing, motivating and developing cross-cultural teams, I am keen to utilise this knowledge and skill in a challenging environment where I can make a significant positive difference driving business value for an organization.

As well as being a most passionate voice on Privacy, Security, and Cloud Computing, I work with organisations providing:

Information Security & Risk Management – Working at a strategic and operational level, advancing traditional GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) programs as they confront the IT and organisational impact of an advanced persistent threat landscape. I introduce a fresh approach to to cyber security and threat prevention, with a business strategy centric attitude to threat risk management and developing trust in digital life through the application of Cyber Threat Intelligence and the economics of risk. Read more at .

Cloud Computing – Working across both technology and organisational process and practice domains, helping organisations transform through an understanding of how technology can enhance their performance, security and deliver to a new hybrid business of the future. Read more at

Please visit my LinkedIn public profile for more detailed information (

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Nigel Gibbons: Top 20 Cybersecurity Experts

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