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Why brands are getting serious about targeted content. By George Beall

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On The Next Web: In marketing circles it is well understood that the foreseeable future of customer engagement is content. The public is wary of advertising, particularly younger generations. In your face advertising has lost its appeal—evident in the declining effectiveness of banner ads and TV commercials. Today banner ads achieve only a .06 percent click through rate. But content is less salesy. By presenting interesting information or entertainment, a brand can put its name behind something that customers enjoy. Better still, they can put themselves right in the middle of a good story. […]





In response to this trend among consumers, companies have doubled down on blogs, webinars, podcasts, and other forms of content. But they have also looked to place their content in front of consumers through advertising—native advertising.

“People seek to ignore advertisements,” Molly Pitman writes for Digital Marketer. “We know that. It’s been proven again and again by eye-tracking studies and it’s been painfully obvious to digital marketers that monitor click through rates. But there’s good news for those in the know. Native ads don’t get ignored like traditional ads… because they don’t look like ads.”

Several years ago, after the rise of content marketing, technology opened up the door for native advertising. These are sponsored articles that can be placed on prominent media sites that blend in with the rest of the content. When executed well, the consumer is only passively aware the article was placed by a company and if there is a call to action, it is packaged just like everything else on the site.

But this is the age of artificial intelligence, neural networks, and deep learning. In other words, that can’t be all, right?

“Not every consumer is interested in the same content,” explains Vitaly Pecherskiy, a thought leader in marketing technology and the COO of StackAdapt. “But you can mine online data to understand an individual consumer’s behavior patterns, which will indicate what kind of content, also called ‘creative’ in the marketing world, they want to see. This allows us to introduce a potential customer to a brand in a completely seamless way.” […]

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George Beall is a Generation Z consultant helping Fortune 500 companies increase brand loyalty with the modern youth. He is an active angel investor, with emphasis on disruptive technology

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Why brands are getting serious about targeted content. By George Beall

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