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How to build a business empire with Instagram. By George Beall

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On The next web : What does it take to succeed online? Shouldn’t real-world influence transfer into the digital world? The introduction of computers and smartphones has changed the business world and yet many still do not understand how new digital platforms fit into the business realm. […]






These platforms are a new tool in a businessperson’s toolbox. They have different functionality, but when used properly in conjunction with other tools, they can lead to business success.

Lukas Kurzmann, CEO and co-founder of Women’s Best (@womensbest), grew his online empire to a reach of over 150 million people and 8-figures in annual revenue. Instagram has become a major component of their brand with over 2 million followers and collaborates with other aspects of the business to drive revenue.


After speaking with Kurzmann about how Instagram works with his business, I have gathered the most important takeaways for anyone looking to use Instagram for business growth.

1. Focus on your consumers

Throughout our conversation, Kurzmann continued to focus on ways that put his consumers first. Whether it is launching a product, deciding what content to create, or picking influencers to work with, everything Women’s Best does is done to create a positive environment for women online. Many entrepreneurs get greedy and believe they can strike a balance between profiteering and audience building. Ultimately, though, if your profits are in the interests of your consumers, you will find long run success.

As you hone in on your customers, focus on the metrics without getting lost in the numbers. In other words, read the data and talk with customers to get an idea of what they like and dislike, but be weary of letting the data justify a conclusion you do not believe is true. Nuances in taste allow for the best value creation and capture opportunities.

2. Speak the language

Since this new digital platform has been created by the youth and the tech-savvy, they have established a series of rules, norms, and styles that are unique to the platform. Altogether, this digital language is crucial for allowing your brand to succeed. If your pictures are not up to quality, captions are whack, or you appear too spammy, then your actions will only hurt your brand.

Furthermore, each niche on Instagram has its own norms. Once you understand your consumers’ tastes, figure out how they act on Instagram and what they look for in terms of content. This will allow you to develop a fluency in their Instagram style language and effectively communicate your brand message.

You should also be hesitant to adopt aspects of a cultural language that you do not understand. For instance, Pepsi and Dove have both launched campaigns utilizing cultural memes that backfired from improper delivery. […]

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George Beall is a Generation Z consultant helping Fortune 500 companies increase brand loyalty with the modern youth. He is an active angel investor, with emphasis on disruptive technology.  Read also on Forbes: A Day In The Life Of Gen Z's 'Cool'

 TWITTER: @GeorgePBeall

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