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FrontMatter is a platform dedicated to digital transformation. To challenge the status-quo, FrontMatter hosts a combination of digital media, resources, and activities—online, offline, or live. 

The FrontMatter platform is a solution where digital education and resources are accessible and relevant, freely acquired, absorbed, and exchanged, providing solutions that can be delivered where and when you need them. You can access solutions that will adapt to your needs for a truly interactive, personalized, and effective learning experience. It is a hub where digital knowledge and resources are personalized and democratized. 

With the billion pieces of content produced daily, it might seem that our hunger for knowledge should be satisfied. But as we’re drowning in content, we are starving for digital knowledge and insights that can help us truly be more productive, collaborative, and innovative. This requires new ways to gather in-house andexternal content that are applicable and useful — and safe — for readers to consume and dessiminate. This require a platform that deliver the content professionals need at the right time and place. The following optimized solutions are use to help accomplish our common goals:

In the Industry Insider, with contributions from tech experts and content providers, FrontMatter offers a palette of solutions to relevant issues and trends facing decision makers in the digital world.

In the Tech Store, in partnership with top technology manufacturers and distributors, we give prominence to science- and industry-specific cutting-edge products, services, solutions, publications, and courses.

In the Jobs & Freelance Boards, we offer to recruiters, businesses and institutions affordable options to hire experts and auction projects. Professionals find jobs and work while promoting their own portfolio for free.

In the Community Private Hub, members connect with industry leaders—academicians, researchers, thinkers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors, startup fans, developers, business decision- makers—and professionals such as you, and it's free.

Members facilitate the sharing of ideas, expertise, and solutions across the worldThey explore the technology required to build a decentralized web, a new web focusing on the valorization of knowledge and our singularities. Together, they work to keep the internet free and accessible, so that people worldwide can be informed contributors and creators of the web. A web where individuals can shape their own experience and are empowered, safely and independently. This is how a truly efficient and sustainable digital culture is built. And it's free.

The FrontMatter platform is managed by Frontmatter Limited, founded in 2010 and registered in the United Kingdom. Frontmatter Limited is a professional service company, empowering professionals and the digital workplace.  


Frontmatter Limited creates revenue in a variety of ways, developing customized services, advertisements, and e-commerce affiliate relationships. We welcome advertisements on products, services, and solutions that directly contribute to the development, and performance of digital innovation.

In addition to advertising on the site, FrontMatter has e-commerce affiliate relationships with partners, which means certain links on the Industry Insider and the Tech Store go to partners who pay FrontMatter a share of any transaction that results from the click. Links to Amazon and other partners are clearly labelled and appear on the Tech Store that reference products, services, and solutions available.

The FrontMatter editorial team plays no role in the creation of any of these affiliate links on the site.  

Backstage Story

FrontMatter’s story began when founder, Agnes Banks on June 2001 purchased the domain frontmatter.com and other domains. In July 2010, she registered Frontmatter Limited, and started a forum to galvanized professionals and stakeholders on the future of the Internet. Before long, in 2013, she was launching FrontMatter platform to provide open tools and resources to professionals and members.

While the core FrontMatter team is small, we are always looking for more. The project as a whole is driven and supported by the vibrant tech industry—entrepreneurs, venture capitals, investors, startup fans, developers, business-decision makers, and professionals such as you, in a variety of ways and at different levels. This project cannot exist without strong, global support.

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We sincerely appreciate all the help we receive. This is an open-ended project that will continue to evolve, based on the ideas you submit and the ongoing contributions of the thinkers and practitioners on the forefront of building alternatives. When you become a member, you also become a FrontMatter ambassador and, as such, you can invite professionals, business partners and stakeholders, institutions and organisations worldwide.

Remember: FrontMatter is your site and is as good as you choose to make it. Contribute, become involved, send us your feedback. Interact with the community. Post links and articles and watch the community grow.


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We are user- and privacy-focused, and we will go to great lengths to ensure there is transparency around our decisions. We do not track, record, nor convert into data your postings, connections, and links. We do not sell your data to advertisers. FrontMatter gives you the tools to publish your content, to control your privacy and security, to sell your products, services, and solutions. You have full control over how you can interact with members and users.


FrontMatter is independent and not affiliated with any other entities, and supports servant leadership, giving priority to the needs of colleagues and those they serve. FrontMatter Members support balance and fairness, and social and cultural curiosity by bringing different ideas and experiences under one roof. In doing so, together, we collect, research, innovate, aggregate, and disseminate key information and solutions.

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For more information about our resources, products, customized services, and our company, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

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