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David Aponovich. Sr. Director, Product Marketing - Digital Experience & Drupal at Acquia

Digital Fitness is a Marathon - and a Sprint. By David Aponovich

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Category: Education & Training Published: Tuesday, 14 March 2017 19:28
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On CMS Wire: "You wouldn’t train for a marathon without a year of rigorous training, would you? Any athletic feat requires a mix of hard work, dedication and education. But when was the last time you checked your organization’s digital fitness level? In other words, does your team have the stamina to be in it for the long-haul with some sprints along the way, or are you more likely to run up against exhaustion a few miles into the race? "




Running metaphors aside, digital fitness is one way to review and benchmark your organization’s readiness for successful digital transformation initiatives. It predicts whether your organization will thrive or merely survive in a digital-first world which grows in complexity as customer expectations and demands increase.

Whether you dreaded those mandatory physical fitness tests during middle school gym class or relished on-field competition, the digital world equivalent has a whole new set of standards that should level the playing field in a world where digital proficiency separates winners from also-rans.

We’ve unquestionably entered a digital-first age, where traditional strengths and differentiations like better products, smart manufacturing and great customer service aren’t enough to acquire or retain customers. You need more to stay on top of your market. Or, if you’re an upstart with great ideas, to overthrow incumbents.

Consider this your digital fitness training guide:

1. Get Clear About Your Vision

How does your organization think about next-generation customer experiences — the whole organization from top to bottom, spanning business, marketing, IT and app development? 

Thinking broadly when considering where you’re going and how you want to get there is a crucial first step on any digital fitness journey. Without it, you’re more likely to get off track and lose sight of why you started running in the first place. 

Think about what your customers want, and what you want those digital customer experiences to look like. Then consider how you want to streamline internal processes with digital tools and technology to deliver customer experiences that stick. 

2. Find the Right People

Are your employees thinking digital-first? Do they have the skills and experience to help your organization be successful now and in the future? Are you hiring for key roles in application development or digital marketing or data analytics with seasoned, proven talent? [...]

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David Aponovich is the senior director of digital experience at Acquia, where he helps articulate the business and technical value of Drupal and Acquia solutions. In his role, David champions how organizations, through the power of open source innovation, are creating new revenue streams, lowering costs, digitalizing their business, and engaging audiences more deeply through content, community and commerce.

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