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16 super cool things you can do on the Internet for free. By Kathleen Harris

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Category: Digital World Without Borders Published: Friday, 26 May 2017 17:51
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On Stumbleupon: "The Beatles sang it and countless philosophers have claimed it, the best things in life are free. But is it really the case? Well, if you’re hanging out on the Internet, the answer is a resounding “yes”. To see why, check out the sixteen fantastic free things you can do online down below. If all of this online awesomeness has you feeling a bit nostalgic for the old days of the Internet, take a trip back in time and check out 14 websites from the 1990s that are somehow still around."



1. Learn to code

Learn coding for free at Code Academy. They offer interactive lessons in several computer languages, such as HTML and Python.

2. Retouch photos

GIMP offers free photo manipulation software.

3. Read a book

Find tons of classic e-books at Project Gutenberg and Open Library. If you want to organize your ebooks, check out Calibre.

4. Get free boxes

Moving? Get free boxes from USPS.

5. Learn a language

Duolingo offers free language learning in Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese.

6. Take free online courses

CourseraMIT, and Khan Academy all offer free online courses that cover just about everything.

7. Improve your vocabulary and fight world hunger

Free Rice donates 10 grains of rice for every vocabulary question that you get right. If you use AdBlock, be sure to turn it off–it’s how they’re able to donate!

8. Get medicine

You can find coupons for your prescriptions at GoodRx.

9. Get free sheet music

IMSLP has a library of free downloadable sheet music in the public domain.

10. Manage your finances

Mint helps you track your spending easily, for free.

11. Watch a complete documentary

Documentary Heaven has tons of amazing documentaries available online for free.

12. Listen to your favourite music

Listen to your favorite songs, find new artists, and make playlists at Spotify, or listen to online radio at Grooveshark.

13. Talk with a therapist

You can talk online privately with a trained active listener or therapist at 7 Cups of Tea.

14. Find your laptop

Prey Anti-Theft helps you to protect your devices from theft by tracking their location.

15. Make friends with an inmate

Meet-An-Inmate is an online penpal service for the currently incarcerated.

16. Relax

Check out Rainy Mood for a little ambiance.

Bonus thing: Smile, thanks to the world’s happiest facts. […]

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Kathleen Harris is a digital producer at Ink Tank Media, Kathleen has a background in Linguistics, with a BA from University of Louisiana at Lafayette and a MA from the University of Helsinki. When she’s not researching and writing the articles that you read here, she enjoys reading, binge-watching TV series, and gaming.

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16 super cool things you can do on the Internet for free. By Kathleen Harris

On Stumbleupon: "The Beatles sang it and countless philosophers have claimed it, the best things in life are free. But…

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