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 2010    FrontMatter is born




2013   The site takes form 

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After much deliberation, new resources are developed      


FrontMatter is alive and kicking, getting ready to accept content and members

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2016  ̶  2017

FrontMatter is building its team and communities

FrontMatter is a multi-platform publisher. We provide cutting edge insights about the Web and the professional community through a combination of digital media, resources, and activities, online, offline, in person, or live.

We bring you cross-industry news and focused information about CM (Content Management), KM (Knowledge Management), IM (Information Management) to drive growth and innovation in the constantly changing digital environment.

Through our key channels, news and trends, tech store, jobs and freelancer boards, group discussions, community activities, we connect industry leaders across the business spectrum with scholars, academicians, researchers, thinkers, and stakeholders. We facilitate the sharing of ideas, expertise, and solutions across the world.

For more information about our company, please visit FrontMatter company page. For more information about our resources, products & services, visit the resources & services page.

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