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An Update a Day Keeps the Hacker Away

Stop Procrastination, Do it!

We are constantly bombarded by advice from software vendors to update our programs, we act? Why should we bother? In the same vein, why should we fill our gas tanks? Why take our car for a maintenance check? We are now witnessing one of the consequences of our lax behavior...the proliferation of attacks, hacking, ransom ware. 

Clearly, we need stronger warnings from vendors about outdated software. Car dealers have caught on to this principle, and are great at warning us that a seat belt is not attached or our tires are lacking pressure. Perhaps we need more intrusive maintenance popups--are we prepared to live with such intrusion? 

The message is clear--stop procrastinating about updates! An update a day keeps the hacker away.

Copyright: Introduction image: Miguel Rosales, Main Content Image: lightwise / 123RF Stock Photo 

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